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pietman lategan architects
Located in the Eye of Africa, this opulent
residence was inspired by Bauhaus architecture. The design
followed basic feng shui principles and contemporary arrangements. The client
wanted a very spacious and luxurious family home and Pietman’s modernist design satisfied this request entirely. With its luxurious finishes and wide-open spaces, this home is a true display of art and good taste.
It consists of 174 apartments, 14 of which are loft apartments, and was designed with an industrial flavour. The industrial influence allowed for some creativity with regards to surfaces and textures. Where possible, all surfaces were exposed and the use of corrugated iron clading and rebar in the hand rails helped define this ultimate new modern apartment block.
The initial brief was to include a climbing wall in the atrium, hence the name, The Wall. It was later decided that this might not be a good idea with the apartments being occupied by university students! The name however remained and today The Wall occupies the urban space admirably.

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